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Gone but not forgotten

We’d like to thank our readers for their kind words about You guys rule! Here are excerpts from a few of the hundreds of letters we’ve received since we announced our decision to discontinue publication.

“This is really a bummer. Pretty bad that the industry will not give support here as it is pretty much the hub of off-road racing in Canada. Really can’t understand it; the world of print is dying as we speak, digital is all that’s surviving and they can’t throw some support your way. Are they really that cheap? A note for any potential sponsors out there reading this comment. Myself and many I know will go out of our way to support a company that supports and gives back to the sport.”

“We know how hard you have worked to make this a go, but you can’t only run on fumes. We hope whatever you might attempt in the future is as great a success as was, and that advertisers appreciate it more than with a handshake or a slap on the back.”

“Ah that sucks Dan! Good luck with your new endeavour.” 

“Dan what a bummer about :( I’m so sorry to hear about this. It is increasingly hard for everyone in the sport to find the financial backing to keep going, from racers to the media to the dealerships. Everyone is struggling right now. I am really bummed out about the site closing down, I hope in the future we will see you online again because you have a real talent that would be a shame to waste.”

“Dan, Thank you for all of your efforts over the past couple of years!”

“You’ve always been a big supporter of Obstacross and all the Dirt Disciplines. Grand Salute! The people that make their living from the Off Road motorcycle industry should pay more attention to who is putting fuel on their fire. New riders bring income to the industry. You create new riders through exposure and education. That momentum can pop us into top gear. Guess we’re still stuck in 2nd.”

“Man Dan!!! We are really going to miss your coverage and your smiling face at the races…So sorry, it’s not supposed to end that way!”

“Whatever direction 2012 takes you in ….your friends at Sasquatch Vintage Racing wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you at the vintage race events!” 

“Sad news. became my first destination for motorcycle news very quickly.  Loved the simple format, great information and coverage.  You really did a great job of providing coverage from all accross the country and giving exposure to young and up-and-coming talent.  I loved reading about some local racers that I have ridden and raced with!!  Without, they probably wouldn’t have gotten the recognition so early in their career. I can understand the challenges you must have faced to make ends meet.  Thumbs up for the great effort!  Too bad the industry didn’t rally behind you.  It is with great sorrow that I delete my favorite link from my “Favorites” list in my browser…best of luck in your new endeavour!” 

“Wow! Not exactly the first thing I wanted to read about in 2012. Dan and Carrie, you’ve both been awesome supporting the whole off-road thing and CORE and I wish you all the best with your new endeavour.” 

“I just noted the website has been shut down. It’s a real shame, but I understand where you’re coming from. Thanks for the great coverage while it was up and running, it was my favorite site!!”

“To bad, but understandable Dan.” 

“Sad to see your site go Dan . Hope to c u at a vintage race this year . Best of luck in your new endeavor. :(“

“I just want you to know how much I appreciated everything you’ve done for the sport, and for me! Your site was such a welcome breath of fresh air, it was awesome. I do understand too, that you have to pay the bills!”

“Thanks Dan. You did a really good job.” 

“Wow, your absence from the off-road scene will be sorely missed by everyone. I admit that I am part of the problem by buying in the ‘States but on the whole we off-roaders do pour a lot of money into this country. You are a very talented man and teamed with Carrie I know you will be very successful in your new venture! The upside is that hopefully we will be able to ride more events together and you can further your career as a premier vintage racer! Just so you know, I will be at such a loss as I get on my computer each day and not be able to read your latest article! I know I am not alone and that is a true testament to your contributions to the off-road community!!! Thanks Dan!” 

“That sucks Dan but I totally understand and get it. The MC industry is a mess like my hair before hair transplant in Tijuana. I am pretty much done with the whole thing myself.” 

“You can imagine my surprise when I went over to for my update.This is not good. It must have been a rough and emotional decision. What’s the full story behind it?” 

“I just want to say thank you for the publicity this year and for also getting my picture in MXP!”

“I’m sad, Dan” 

“Dan, so sorry to hear you are forced to shut down the website and coverage. The effort you put in to following Canada’s best riders and those up and coming has been both informative and inspirational.  It was great having one source to follow what events riders are at and how they were doing.” 

“Dan, sorry to hear that you are forced to shut down I will miss your coverage… you were a regular source of Canadian off road racing information and inspiration for me! Best of luck in your new venture!”

“I went to read the site as I do everyday and was shocked! I certainly understand the decision based on a business viability, but none the less, will sadly miss reading and looking at the site!”

“We were very proud to fly your banner this past year and I am glad that our paths have crossed for sure! I hope we can keep in touch, I wish you nothing but the best for the New Year!”

“Dan you will truly be missed. You did a great job. Thank you for all you enthusiasm! You really made a difference in the off-road World.” 

“I’m disappointed to hear this news, but do understand your reasoning. I’d like to thank you for the fine coverage of the off-road scene in Canada these past few years, and wish you success with your new project for 2012. Cheers!” 

“I’m very sad that you are parting ways with! You have done so much for the off-road industry in Canada, and I want to thank you for your contribution! I love your articles, and it’s a shame that you are not getting the support you should! Your articles captured many inspiring and interesting stories. I will definitely miss that.”

“I wish you luck with your future projects, and I hope to see you around at the races!” 

“We’ll miss your site!” 

“Thank you for your interesting webzine. See you at the vintage mx races, hope to see you in Ormstown! best of luck, Hunt Racing Team”

“I am disappointed, your work helped us all get a little flavour of the people, places and events that make up the offloading community, in a large land. Kudos to you for the work you have done to share some of those with us. All the best in your new (hopefully much more lucrative) venture.” 

“Oh, no! Sad to hear.” 

“Sorry to see Dan. Sucks but I understand you need to eat and make money like anybody else. Good Luck with the new venture.” 

“A true shame. This was THE go to site for off road motorcycle enthusiasts in Canada. I agree with the comments on the industry. It is time they put back into the industry that supports them.” 

“Dan, sorry to hear the news. No one empathizes with your situation more than I do. So many people in the industry need to see where the future is and get on board. Traditional Cycle News is gone from the US and with it, all local and regional event coverage. Grass root sites like this are going to be key to getting coverage and exposure for both riders and sponsors.” 

“Wow, where will I go now? Too bad. Hopefully I’ll see you at the races.” 

“Sad news Dan and your extensive and comprehensive coverage will be missed. We have discussed before the need for large companies to support the media because they are the outlets that will grow the sport at the grassroots level. Everyone knows who Colton Facciotti is…it’s the kids seeing their name on a web site or in a magazine because there was some coverage of their local series that will grow the sport. All the best in 2012.” 

“Sorry to heard the online mag did not work as well as it should have. I got 99% of my info there. Hope the new adventure works better for you. You might find that some of the people that did not support the mag will wish they had.” 

“This is a shame. I only recently found out about and look forward to checking in regularly. You’ve done a great job and will definitely be missed. Thanks for the effort, and we’ll see you at the vintage events in a few months.”  

“We too are sad to see go into hibernation…we know as well as you do it’s a tough industry! We have been focused on trying to grow the numbers in vintage! You have been such a supporter and we will never forget your support! We put our personal time into trying to make it work and truly hope we can see a Canadian-style AHRMA in the near future! We look forward to seeing you at the races.” 

“I just read the news on your website. I am sorry to hear that. I did not realize you were struggling. I thought things were going ok. I really appreciate the effort you made at Offroad Motorcycles and I understand how hard it is to keep something going in the motorcycle world in Canada. I hope your new venture goes well, and you can still count on our support for vintage racing if you are staying at it.” 

“Sorry to hear about the website. It truly is a shame.” 

“Dan sorry to hear that you are forced to shut down the mag. I will miss your coverage. You were a regular source of Canadian off-road racing information and inspiration for me.” 

“I completely understand why you needed to give it up, but I want to tell you that you guys have made such a change in the Canadian off-road scene and have done so much for me and many others.” 

“Sorry to hear. You did a great job for off-road racing and will be missed.” 

“Dan, so sorry, to see your site come to an end. It will be sorely missed as a great reference and news service for off-road competition in Canada. I appreciate all your hard work, but realize your time is worth something. Please keep the site up for a while. I don’t want to loose this great resource of information. Thank you!”

“I did my 1st hare scramble this year thanks to your site! I checked it everyday… I echo everyone’s sentiments for hanging it up. Canada’s moto industry was tough BEFORE the recession…I can’t imagine it now… Loved the grass root/ common love approach. All the best and thanks!!!!”

“It’s all said and done, it’s real, and it’s been fun” burst onto the scene nearly two-years ago after just ten days of last minute decisions, frantic phone calls, and sleepless nights.  Steady readership growth, resulting in one million page views, confirms our instincts were right. Thanks to you we quickly became the leading source of off-road motorcycle news in Canada! is and always has been a business, not a charity or public service. Covering Canada’s off-road events is incredibly time-consuming and expensive as a luxury car. It is also a job that deserves to be done in a well-funded and professional manner. We don’t want to disrespect our readers with poor coverage of events on a shoestring budget. 

Although the motorcycle industry keeps telling us how important is to their sales and how they are proponents of off-road racing, they have not stepped up to support the riders, the promoters or the media they depend on. We hope off-road racing will continue to grow in Canada, and we are proud of the contribution has made to its evolution, but the time has come to say enough is enough.   

Will ever return? Maybe. With enough industry support we’d consider it! But for the time being we’ll be focusing our attention on our soon-to-be- launched travel magazine, Niagara Destinations. 

We’d like to thank our friends, loyal advertisers and our tens of thousands of readers around the world for helping celebrate the accomplishments of Canadian dirt bike riders.   

Say hi if you see us at a vintage motocross race, a new-school XC…or a beach party!